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I hereby accept all the terms & conditions of the school.

I understand about the screen time of the child and have no objection with the batch timings.

The preferred batch timings may or may not be available and the school will use its discretion in allocating the Batch to the Student.

I understand that the Academic Session began in April 2023 (Indian & EFA Program), July 2023 (UK Curriculum), and that my child is joining mid-session. Based on the feedback shared after video interaction w ith the TCO1 academic team, I hereby understand that TCO1 is not responsible for taking classes for the academic gaps and syllabus already covered in the past.

The classroom sessions will be recorded and made availble to other parents for viewing. Also, the School can use these videos for its promotional and communication purpose including posting on social media.

All the information and documents submitted in this form is true to the best of my knowledge. TCO1 will use the above shared details in all written communication for the child including report card, certificates etc.

The contact details and communication address provided by me is correct and the school can communicate using this information. Incase there is an error or miscommunication at the time of form submission, I shall be responsible for the same and shall be liable to bear additional costs, if any.

Fee once paid is not refundable under any circumstances.

The fee mentioned on the website is applicable only for the current year and is subject to change as per the management policy.

I have read and understood the FAQs and other information on the website including the terms and conditions and various policies of the school that will be amended from time to time.


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