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Student Details:

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Transport facility will be provided on first come first served basis & subject to availability of seats.

Facility is available for selected locations only.

Father Details:

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General Instructions:

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I. We shall visit the school whenever called by the Principal/Class teacher/Subject teacher.

II. We shall maintain dignity and decorum while interacting with the Principal/Class teacher/Subject teacher and anyother staff.

III. We shall not make derogatory remarks/statements against Management/ Administration, Principal and Staff of the school.

IV. We understand that SRGS is a Main Stream School and will be able to handle the learning deficiencies only.

We Indemnify the School Against the Following :

I. We understand that children while running, playing commuting may get physically injured / hurt over which SRGS maynot have control and for that school will not be liable.

II. A deliberate or intentional act done by the student, which results in causality.

III. Any injury to the student on account of accident or mishap on account of any kind of rash and negligent act including driving of motor vehicle by himself or vehicle carrying him/her and driven by someone else.

IV. Any injury caused to the student while playing, running, and engaged with peers and any activity or due to the act ofnature or otherwise during normal course of his/her studying or attending the school.

V. The student bunking from the school and thereafter associating or mixing with anti-social elements, drug traffickers and thereby invoking the provision of l.P.C. and CR.P.C.

VI. If the student, out of despair and disgust, injures or tries to injure him /her-self.

VII. Any natural or manmade mishap or untoward happening that takes place during picnic, outing, educational tourstravels, sightseeing, school functions and the like.

Our Responsibility:

I. We, the parents /guardians have carefully read and fully agree to the rules, regulations & procedures mentioned here in the application form and are desirous of having our child / ward educated in Shri Ram Global School, Greater Noida on the payment of fees as notified from time to time, which is not refundable. Our ward and ourselves shall follow all the rules, regulations, & procedures laid down by the school from time to time. The school reserves the right to de-enrol the name of my child or take other appropriate action, if there is any violation of these at any time.

II. We, the parents / guardians agree that all decisions of the administration of the school shall be final and binding on our ward and us.

III. We, the parents /guardians are fully satisfied with the facilities / infrastructure available in the school.

IV. We, the parents /guardians agree with the fee of SRGS (given below) as notified to us, it being commensurate with the infrastructure, facilities, learning off / from the school. We, the parents/guardians have sufficient income to pay the fee of SRGS regularly. We will not ask for any concession in fee for any reason.

Provisional fees for academic session 2023 & 24.

Registration Fees
(One Time/Non Refundable)
Admission Fees - 60,000 (One Time/Non Refundable) *33% Waiver on the Admission Fees Payable Amount
Discounted Admission Fees for Sibling Rs. 20000 Only
Security Fees 10,000
(One Time/Refundable)
*100% Waiver on
Security Fees
Payable Amount
Grade Monthly Composite Fees *Monthly Composite Fees Post Discount
Pre-Nursery 10000 7000*
Nursery, LKG, UKG 10600 7420*
Grade 1 to 5 11660 7950*
Grade 6 to 8 12720 8480*
Grade 9 to 12 13780 9000*
Discounted Compostite Fees for Siblings 13,000 per month for both kíds,
Examination Fees VI Onwards 1000/- annually

V. The composite fee is to be paid for all 12 months in the year making it applicable for the complete source of study by anymode.

VI. No reduction in fee is available for vacations/online conduct of classes or for broken periods.

VII. We have to make satisfactory arrangement for remittance of school fees within due dates without waiting for a reminder from school.

VIII. We shall pay school fees in advance as per the schedule, latest by 12th of each indicated month, failing which a fine of 100/- per day will be charged. In case fees is not deposited by the 30th of due month, the child may stand de-enrolled from the rolls of the school without any intimation. The school is not under any obligation to intimate the date of payment of monthly/quarterly instalment of the fee.

IX. The fee will be considered as received on the daywhen it is credited in the Bank Accounts of the school.

X. Any activity beyond school hours and outsourced is chargeable separately.

XI. Any increase in the Fees will be as per the Government Guidelines.

XII. Parents are required to apprise SRGS of marital disputes along with court orders pertaining to them pending before the court/any order of the court, if any.

XIII. A parent may withdraw the child from the school by giving the School ONE (1) month notice and by filling out the Student Withdrawal Notification Form', Failing to give 1 months' notice and not signing the form will result in the payment of one month's fee in lieu of .

XIV. Where a child has been withdrawn from the school and applies for re-admission, it will be subject to place availability. The registration/ admission / security (if any), composite fee and the optional fee will all be applicable at the prevailing rate and required to be paid prior to re-admission.

XV. We hereby put our signatures to confirm the above declarations.

Date of submission
Signature of Mother Signature of Father
Mother's Contact Number Father's Contact Number
Signature of the Guardian
(If Any)
Guardian Contact Number
(If Any)

   I have read and agree to abide by the instructions mentioned above by the authorities of the School.

Documents Details:

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Declaration by the Parent / Guardian:

I understand that the application form fee & admission fee is non-refundable and this form does not guarantee admission.

I understand that the date of birth and spellings of the name of my child given in this form is correct to the best of my knowledge and no changes shall be permissible afterwards.

I understand that false or misleading information or withholding correct information shall disqualify the child for admission.

I am the bonafide guardian of the child.

I understand that I am duly bound to inform the school of any changes in the information that I have provided.

I understand that if I decide to cancel this enrollment before commencement of class , at least one month's notice has to be given in writing.

The school reserves the right to amend any clause without any prior notice.

I understand that incomplete application forms will not be considered.

I hereby confirm that the details in this form are true and correct to the best of my knowledge if any information is found to be incorrect, the admission shall stand cancelled.

I Agree


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