Application Form Instructions


General information for Students

1. Seva Sadan’s Trust is Sindhi Linguistic Minority Institute.
2. Sindhi Quota is available for Sindhi students.
3. Sponsorship facility is available for poor and needy Sindhi students.

Declaration & Undertaking from Students

1. That when in the College campus I will wear the college I-Card all the times.
2. That I will not bring any outsider in the college campus.
3. That I will not indulge in any kind of ragging activity .
4. That I will not damage the College property or deface the Assets, if found doing so I will be liable to pay the fine and face disciplinary action.
5. That if I am claiming caste concession, I will submit caste verification Certificate within 4 weeks and fill caste concession form on MahaDBT portal. If my claim / form is rejected, I abide to pay full fees.
6. That I will not loiter in the College campus during lecture hours.
7. That as per University norms I will have 75% attendance, any short, without sound reason; the college will be at liberty not to submit my examination form.
8. That I will not use the mobile phones in class rooms and keep mobile in silent mode in college premises, If found using the mobile and clicking the photos in the college, the college have authority to penalize me first time Rs.100/- Doing so 2nd time, I will loose the mobile phone.
I hereby declare that all the information given by me in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I also note that if any of the above statements are found to be incorrect or false or any information or particulars have been suppressed or omitted there from, I am liable to be disqualified and my admission may be cancelled. I have read and understood the contents of the Admission Announcement for the various Programmes. I hereby permit the institute to use, display or transfer any of the details furnished by me in this form for complying with the admission formalities. I will comply with the rules and regulations for student behaviour as notified by the University from time to time. I agree that the University shall have the right to enforce appropriate standards of conduct and that it may terminate my participation at any time in the University’s program for failure to maintain these standards or for any actions or conduct which the University considers to be incompatible with the interest, harmony, comfort and welfare of other students. If my participation is terminated, I give my consent to be sent home at my own or my parent’s expense with no refund of fees. All references in the undertaking to the University shall include the University Vice Chancellor, and all its Officers. All reference herein to the parents of the applicant shall include the legal guardian or other adult responsible for the applicant. In addition to this, I shall abide by all the anti-ragging rules specified by the university.