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Date   :   25-05-2024


Thank you for showing your interest in RP Goenka International School (RPGIS). Please read the following information/instructions while filling in the Interest in Admissions Form (IAF):

  1. RPGIS will currently offer admission for Nursery and Grades 1 to 5 for the academic year 2024-2025.

  2. The submission of the IAF does not in any way guarantee admission of the candidate in RPGIS.

  3. All the fields of IAF, except the prefilled ones, shall be mandatorily filled in with true and correct information, failing which the IAF may not be considered.

  4. You shall provide in the IAF an email address which will be considered as the preferred email address and all future correspondence will be made only to such preferred email address.

  5. Each IAF shall have a unique alphanumeric number. Upon successfully filling in the IAF, an acknowledgment will be issued to the preferred email address as provided in the IAF. In the event no such acknowledgment is received within 24 hours from the date of submission of the IAF, a suitable inquiry may be made to

  6. You need to fill one IAF per candidate. For example, if you are applying for two candidates in an academic year, you will need to fill in two forms with the requisite details, one for each candidate.

  7. The IAF is divided into 4 sections.

  8. The IAF can be saved and accessed at a later stage by clicking on the link sent by RPGIS to the preferred email address.

  9. On the basis of the information provided in the IAF, the candidate may or may not be shortlisted for further processing. If the candidate is shortlisted, you will receive a link to the Admissions Application Form (AAF) in your preferred email address. The AAF shall have another unique alphanumeric number. Such link will remain valid for five (5) days from the date of sending the link within which period the AAF is required to be filled in all respect and submitted with payment of registration fees.

  10. This is an entirely online form. No signature is required.

Note : Please save the current section before proceeding to the next section. If you move to the next section before saving the current section all filled-in information will be lost.

Please enter details pertaining to each parent and/ or guardian of the applicant.

Note : Please save the current section before proceeding to the next section. If you move to the next section before saving the current section all filled-in information will be lost.

*Sibling information

Please include details of all siblings of the applicant.

Does the applicant have sibling/ siblings: *

Yes No

At RPGIS, we value and promote integrity in all facets, starting with the admission process. In order to ensure that the integrity of our admission process is met, we request the parents and guardian, if appointed, of all candidates to carefully read this Declaration and uphold the processes and underlying principles contained herein. This helps us to achieve the very best for our prospective students, by creating an environment, built on fairness and trust, from the very inception.

Each one of us, the Father, the Mother (the parents) and the Guardian, (if appointed) of the candidate hereby jointly and severally undertakes that:

  • None of us or any person for and on behalf of any of us will offer money or any other item of value/kind to any person including any member of the RPGIS community, in exchange for assistance with admissions.

  • None of us or any person for and on behalf of any of us will attempt to influence, threaten, harass, or place undue pressure on any person including any member of the RPGIS community whether directly or indirectly.

  • None of us will misrepresent or conceal any information in the IAF.

  • Each one of us understands that all the information provided in the IAF is subject to verification and if any information is found to be contrary to what have been submitted our candidate application and/or admission may be cancelled or revoked at any point of time.

  • Each one of us has read all the instructions and hereby declares that all the information furnished above is correct and true to our knowledge.

  • Each one of us shall comply with all visa and other requirements concerning the entry of our candidate into India.

  • Each one of us hereby gives consent to the RPGIS to contact in preferred email address to obtain any additional information that may be required by RPGIS authority.

  • Each one of us hereby promises to keep all information regarding this IAF and any stage/stages of the admission process completely confidential.

  • Each one of us understands that immediately putting the candidate‚Äôs Date of Birth in the prescribed space in the IAF, Two (2) autogenerated information will be displayed relating to the age of the candidate and the candidate's eligible grade.

  • Each one of us and agrees that the decision to call our candidate for admission is at the sole and absolute discretion of the RPGIS authority and any decision of the RPGIS authority, in this regard, is not subject to challenge before any judicial or other fora.

   We (Mother, Father & Guardian (If appointed)) agree to all of the above declarations.

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