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General Instruction for Admission :

I understand that incomplete application form will not be considered.

I affirm to abide by the rules & regulations laid down or amended by the authorities of the Academy.

I hereby take responsibility and permit / not permit my ward for games / sports organised by school at my own risk.

I hereby confirm that the details in this form are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

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Declaration by the Parent / Guardian:

In the event of our child being granted admission in the school, I promise to follow all the rules and regulations of the school conveyed to me from time to time.

I have been informed and am aware of the fee structure, along with the annual increment process of the school. I accept to pay the dues on time, without any reminder from the school. I take complete responsibility and confirm that I will never be a fee-defaulter.

I am aware that the fee available on the website is for the current session and it would increase between 8% to 12% in the upcoming session as per the guideline of Fee Regulatory Act.

In case I am not able to pay the fee on time, the School Management reserves the right to withdraw its services for my child without any notice or my consent.

I am aware that any fee once paid to the school is non-refundable and non-transferable and that in case I withdraw my child in between the session, I will be liable to pay the fee for the existing quarter of the current year.

I will follow all the academic guidelines of the school provided to me by the respective teachers/ school representatives time to time. I confirm that I will never involve myself in any anti-school activity and will seek school’s view point in case of any query.

I understand that the school is responsible for the overall conduct of the child and I assure that I will never interfere in the process of school operations. I will always be present in case the school calls me for any suggestion/ improvement of my ward and will always stand by the school, in case my child is reprimanded for any misconduct/ act of indiscipline.

I am aware that the school has its policy/ criteria of rewarding its students on various academic and cocurricular activities. I assure that I will always accept the decision of the school and will never have any doubts or concerns over the decision of the School Management.

I understand that developing a child is a responsibility of both the parents and the school, and I assure that I will give regular time to my child and be always updated with his academic developments.

I assure that I will always be present in all the PTMs called by the school and will work on the feedback given by the school.

I will not misbehave/ use impolite language, harsh, derogatory words /scream & shout at any employee of the school

I agree that the transport is an additional facility provided by the school and it all depends on the availability of seats for a child to be granted that facility.

School holds the right to have its bus stops as per the guidelines of the Transport Department. I will not expect/ request for any change in the transport plans after availing the services.

Transport routes/ bus/ bus driver/ cleaner/ bus in-charge may change without notice, it is complete discretion of the Transport Department of the school.

If I wish to avail the transport facility of the school, I accept to pay the fee proposed for the transport every year.

The safety of the child in the bus while availing the transport of the school is the responsibility of the school, however, as a parent I will always guide my child to follow the discipline and the safety measures best known to me.

If I avail any private transport, I will be completely responsible for my decision. I will never hold the school responsible for any risk or consequences arising out of this arrangement made at my own will, outside the school premises.

I will also undertake that:
a) My ward will not indulge in any behavior or act that may be considered as ragging.
b) My ward will not participate in or abet or propagate through any social media any kind of defamatory posts about the school or anybody involved with it.
c) My child will regularly attend the school and conform to the school rules and regulations.
d) My child will not bring mobile phones or any metalic, nonmetalic equipment or jewelary
e) My child will not be involved in any indisciplinary activity

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