Bal Bharti School

Guidelines for admission to class, XI Session 2022-23

Date of Entrance Test: 20-08-2022

Notes Please read the following points carefully before moving for registration:
1. The admissions will be purely provisional until class X, CBSE board mark sheet is submitted.
2. The SLC from the previous school should be submitted within one week's time of the admission.
3. Allotment of subjects will be based on the General Entrance Test/Respective Subject Tests.
4. English is a compulsory subject
5. A student is required to choose any 4 or 5 subjects from the given list of the subjects.
6. Students wishing to opt for Science and/or Maths will appear for the respective subject/s tests separately along with a General Entrance Test
(a) General Entrance test will be of 90 minutes duration and will carry 100 marks (max.)
(b) Mathematics and the Science Tests will be of 50 marks(max.) each with a time duration of 45 minutes for each subject.
7. There will be no consideration of the board result, the subject options will be final at the time of admission to avoid loss of study and maintain continuity of the syllabus.
8. The fee is chargeable from only July 2022 onwards.

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